Parcours Institute | Academy of Professional Cycling
Parcours develops and delivers certifications for professional cycling. Courses are developed and endorsed in partnership with top pro teams in North America. Parcours prepares riders and technical staff for seamless integration into pro teams.
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The road to a career in professional cycling can be confusing and challenging. Parcours' leaders map out the path, the route, The Way.


Create athletes and staff that are the complete package. Our graduates are the most trained and capable people in the business. Multi-faceted and ready to seamlessly integrate into pro teams.


Our certifications put you out front of the thousands of athletes trying to land a pro contract. Teams recognize you not only know how to ride fast, you know the complete trade.


Our practical program immerses you in the job. Learn from people working in the industry. Complete your experience with a pro team internship in a live race environment.

Developed in partnership with professional teams

2016 Parcours Programs

Professional Rider or Support Staff Certificate Programs

*NEW* more streamlined delivery in 2 Distinct Stages

Programs are run in tandem so athletes and staffers learn together to produce better outcomes as a group.

Stage 1 – Build Your Brand Workshop

We come to you!

NEW Dates and Cities Coming Soon!

Spend your weekend learning the things you need build your brand, deliver your message and build the network you need to connect with a team and sponsors. Lectures and workshops are designed to help you understand the system and the tools at your disposal for being an effective athlete ambassador through broadening your knowledge base and skills through practical exercises.


If you are supporting athletes, or building programs these skills can help you build meaningful programs that lead to positive long-term outcomes for your athletes and your local sponsors and partners. These weekends have something for everyone.


Topics include:

Sponsorship Relations

Acquire tools to foster long-term relationships, represent your team(s), and build your personal brand.

Media Training

Learn to engage the media, print, online and television with captivating interview skills and appropriate re-direction techniques.

Business of Cycling

Learn the economics of pro cycling, the dynamics of obtaining a professional contract, the technical hiring rules and inner workings of team structures and budgets.


*More dates and locations coming soon!!*

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Stage 2 – Racing Intensive

You Come to US!

NEW Dates Coming Soon!

The finer points of racing make the difference.  Knowing the details of how to prepare your body and your mind and how to use your skills in the heat of the moment can make the difference and set you a part. Working with some of the most respected professionals in the industry to build your foundation in all the key mental and physical categories required to find success.


Support staff get a chance to work through all the systems that support that athlete foundation. Understanding the nuance and timing of the team system will help staff create a smooth environment that will lead to success.


Topics Include:


7 nutrition workshops that are ‘real time/field-based’ delivering you personalized fueling plans for training and racing.

Ethical Sport – with USADA

USADA representative(s) instruct you on all the procedures and resources associated with testing, whereabouts programs and ethical sport.

Racing Skills

Learn and practice the techniques and tactics of racing – skills essential to the success. Includes specialized sessions: lead outs; race tactics and team time trials.

Team Communal Skills

Learn about creating group efficiency and accountability – the back bone of successful pro team culture and how you integrate into that.


Build on base fitness with hours of riding in the Malibu Mountains. Includes on and off bike dry land work. Primarily group based with accommodation for your individual needs.

Mechanical Skills

Familiarize with basic bicycle maintenance with focus on the major brands as well as packing techniques and tricks for travel.

Mental Skills

7 interactive seminars complimented with individualized homework – not a generic application of sport psychology.

Personal Preparation

Individual training in a team supported environment. Learn about preparing for racing, refining efforts and tapering — and how you and your coach work with a pro team.

Race Preparation

Delivered in on/off bike race simulation sessions organized in a format that mirrors the complex logistics of a typical North American stage race.

Whether you are an athlete, building programs or looking to become part of a professional support staff we have the resources to get you there and the certification to highlight your skill set.

Technical Staff Certificate Program(s)

Uniquely integrated through the athlete modules

Mechanics and Soigneurs.

  • Pro Team Internships

    Pro Team Internships

    Staff Programs conclude with a pro team apprenticeship. Learn in race situations. Build relationships. Show your value.

  • Soigneur Program

    Soigneur Program

    The role of a soigneur has a rich history and duties have developed from the unique demands of professional racing. Learn all aspects of this most diverse craft inside a pro team.

  • Mechanic Program

    Mechanic Program

    Learn about the logistics of a large team and how mechanics fit into the support system. Learn time saving strategies for effectively preparing, servicing, managing and securing gear.

Parcours Programs are unique because they deeply integrate the training of both athletes and technical staff. Are you ready to turn Pro?
Learn more about the origins of the  Parcours Institute, our instructors and founders.